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HotChili Platform

  • Research and analyze your selected strategy.
  • Perform paper trading before going live.
  • Deploy machine/deep/statistical learning strategies.
  • No performance-based fees.
  • Tutorials and strategy libraries available.
  • Support and consulting available.

Tap into new algorithmic trading strategies that allow you to use the results of a research, backtest and trade workflow, through our HotChili Platform.

Use our version of Quantopian's open source backtester, with added modules allowing

The HotChili Platform is a desktop box  in the cloud to which you subscribe. Your box has a pre-installed workflow using the algorithms you develop or customize from our library of vetted trading strategies.

Research, backtest, and do live trading, all on your desktop with our pre-installed tools
and customize the box to your needs.


SaasTech Strategy

Strategy: SaasTech
Leverage Factor: 1.0
Longs : 70%
Shorts: 30%
Net Leverage: 40%
Live traded since November 1, 2019.

  • Free strategy collateral
  • Performed backtest simulation and paper trading of strategy.
  • Simple .csv portfolio provided that can be used as you wish. We do not recommend that you use this to trade without doing your own due diligence.
  • No performance based fees.
  • Three year backtest available.
  • Support and consulting available.

Click below image to view Backtest of SaasTech Algo


Pick one of our fresh researched strategies, or use your own. Work on it inside your own HotChili Platform Cloud Desktop, using the Jupyter Notebook, Python IDE or your own toolset that you've installed inside your HCA platform.


Validate the essential points of the strategy with our multi-year tear sheets, generated from our joint backtest and trading engine., zipline-broker.


Validate the live trading version of your algorithm by using your Broker's paper trading mode.

Connect to it's API, and
execute your chosen strategy, which issues API commands to your Broker's platform, using zipline-broker as the driving force.

HotChili Live Trading Execution Flow

HotChili Platform

Platform: Cloud desktop, configured with algorithmic trading software packages.

Strategy from HCA Library or use your own.
Configure your data-streams.
Set up algorithm parameters and research, test, debug your strategies.
Set up broker connection parameters, and commence paper trading or live trading.


Run zipline-broker from Notebook, Python IDE, or command line.
backtester on a python coded strategy.
Reads( ingests) price-data from bundles.
Integrated daily pipeline support for factors and fundamentals to select and filter assets.
Executes live current day simulation for live or paper trading mode, and performs two-way communication with a broker API. (which may be running under a live or paper trading account.)

Note: Executes non-live long-term backtest using proper bundle data for multi-day/week/year simulation, and produces a results file with all simulated information for analysis by Pyfolio.

Broker API App

Sign in to Broker API/Workstation (e.g. IB-TWS/IB-Gateway), using a live or paper trading account. that is set up to communicate with HotChili's zipline-broker..
Execute and Monitor your strategy's trades and account connections for validation of correct strategy execution.

Some amazing tools we're
using to run this Algorithmic Trading Flow.

Platform: Hardware and Software for complete Algo Trading tools to drive your Broker interactions.

Support for full expert Quant Flow: Research, Backtest, Live/Paper Trading

LInkage to both Native Backtesting and to Live Trading., Uses the API link to your Brokers account . You have full control.

You use your own broker, by running the IB platform(TWS or Gateway), and using our software to execute the strategies you choose or program. We supply the tools that can help you algo trade.

Stay in total control of your algorithmic trading.
Full instructions on linking up our software platform to your trading platform.

Analyze Backtests with latest statistical tests and visualizations

Auto-tearsheet creation

Open Source: Quantopian: Python

Open Source Components

HotChili Starter

For Starting Algo Trading
Free for 6 months

  • 2CPU, 2GB AWS Workspace, with 15 hours/month availability and backup.

  • Tools support
    (e.g. zipline-broker, JupyterLab, Sharadar and more)

  • HCA Blog Library

  • Interactive Brokers TWS and API

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HotChili Trader

For Enhanced Live Trading
Free Trial Week

  • 2CPU, 4GB AWS Workspace, with 24/7 availability and backup.

  • Tools support
    (e.g. zipline-broker, JupyterLab, Sharadar and more)

  • HCA Blog+Strategies Library

  • Interactive Brokers TWS and API


HotChili Quant

For Strategy Developers

  • 2CPU, 8GB AWS Workspace, with 24/7 availability and backup.

  • Tools support
    (e.g. zipline-broker, JupyterLab, Sharadar and more)

  • HCA Blog+Strategies Library

  • Interactive Brokers TWS and API

  • Guides for how to extend your HCA workflow with Machine, Statistical, and Deep Learning