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-Try our first
Crypto Market Making App as we begin to support the ability to help make crypto markets using the latest AI techniques.
-Use Robo-Advisors
to manage your own funds. Use our multi-tiered system of open sourced quant tools and examples.
-Check out our example telegram bot, and our live trading strategy on Collective2

-Crypto Market Making
is a new exciting source of alpha for researchers and traders. We intend to live trade and supply tools in this arena.

-Tap in now
- from Research to Backtest to Live Trading. Use the Zipline family of Python programmatic tools to create your own bespoke quality portfolios or hedge funds, or tap into the hotchili bot farm for signals to trade.

-For portfolios, use our or your economic thesis...research it...backtest it...track it...and trade it!

-For education, check out our latest Collective2 entry, and our latest strategy writeup on Medium !

-Use our open-source system, based and rooted in the package zipline-broker and backed by a library of open source examples hca-resources to develop and deploy your own system to distribute your signals via a bot, for live or hybrid trading of your strategies.

hotchili Platform

Zipline, JupyterLab, Wing-IDE, Quant tools, Telegram Bot Delivery...packaged as you wish, with a demo on an AWS Workspaces Linux box.

Open Source

zipline-broker, hca-resources,, zipline-trader, jupyterlab, anaconda, IB-TWS, Alpaca, Wing-IDE, python-telegram-bot


Support for prices and fundamental data, including: Free(yahoo_direct, yahoo_csv, csv_dir), Fee(Quandl Sharadar, IEX), or Broker(IB, Alpaca).
Easy extensible ways to add other data sources to your platform, including bespoke .csv files.


Research, Backtest, Live Trading

All the tools you'll need to support your own search for investment profit, using versions of the Quantopian toolset, including pyfolio and alphalens, and Fundamentals filtering via the useful zipline pipeline is available.


We're excited about our Telegram signals and trading bot portfolios.

Try our Demo Bot Now:
Go to
Type the command:
to see what is available.


Support for Interactive Brokers TWS and Gateway APIs, for paper and live trading through the add-on zipline modules in zipline-broker and library of examples to clone.
Support for Alpaca trading through installing zipline-trader version of zipline.

Trust yet Verify using open source components.

Use the latest tools we use for investment portfolio research.

See our publications on Medium and YouTube

Learn and participate in how to create, test, and trade investment portfolios algorithmically.

Frequently asked questions

What is Crypto Market Making?

The ability to programmatically supply liquidity to coin pairs on various crypto exchanges.

What part of the platform is free?

There are install scripts in the github repository for zipline-broker that are tested on an AWS Linux Workspces box. These scripts can most likely be modified easily for other Linux boxes. What is is installed is zipline-broker, jupyterlab, pyfolio and alphatools.

Why don't I just buy an index fund?

That is a great solution for part of your investment profile, yet the new algo trading paradigm allow automated daily trading of strategies giving you an edge only seen sophisticated quant traders before.

The tools we are promoting allow you to research, test, debug and live trade your own investment grade strategies, including automatic risk management modules.

The hotchili bot farm allows you to use our free and fee bots, or to create your own bots to do what you want for you.

Can I use your telegram bots?

Just contact us for the details.

Will you have any AI or ML strategies or bots?

Of course! From crypto market makers to live equity trading, we'll have ones that use the latest techniques, including deep, reinforcement, and statistical learning modules for factors and risk management.

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