Alan Coppola

Alan Coppola
Having fun learning about quantitative financial market anallysis through the Quantopian platform for the past 5 years. Now applying signal processing and machine learning based artificial intelligence techniques to practical problems through the use of mathematics, statistics and programming in the areas of algorithmic trading.

Join us for an educational and informational meeting about the HotChili Analytics(HCA) Platform
on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 10am PDT.

The first 1/3 will be spent reviewing the onboarding process for the HCA Platform.

The middle third will present intros to new and old strategies and systems .

The last 1/3 hour will be for discussing and answering audience questions.

See how the new paradigm of research, backtesting and live trading on your own cloud-based computer can power
a Quantopian-like environment.

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Learn about algorithmic trading and strategies, through
zipline backed research, backtest, and live trading.
When live streamng, ask questions...get!

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